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Ask more questions about Beach imprisonment

2014-08-11T00:00:00Z 2014-08-11T08:26:04Z Ask more questions about Beach imprisonment The Billings Gazette
August 11, 2014 12:00 am

Montana has a proud history of "vigilante justice." It worked in past centuries when the Montana justice system was understaffed. It got rid of serious, proven criminals and made life safer for early Montana families.

Vigilante justice can morph into "hang them first and ask questions later." I think we have remnants of this in the Barry Beach case. Beach was accused of murdering Kimberly Neese in 1979. According to the media, there was a question about a group of girls in Poplar committing the murder.

I have seen proof in the media that this "beyond mean girls" scenario does exist. For example, the convicted women who worked with murderer Charles Manson. Another example was the July 6, 2012, murder of teenager, Skylar Earl-Neese in Star City, W.Va. Skylar was stabbed more than 50 times. Confessions were given and Skylar’s two best teenage friends, Rachel Shoaf and Shiela Eddy, were convicted.

It is unclear to me that the possibility that a group of girls in Poplar caused Neese's death was thoroughly investigated. I want to know if any of these girls were related to members of the police or justice system in Poplar in 1979. Did any member of this group of girls have relatives who were friends of the justice system in Poplar in 1979?

I've never seen public records (proof) of this thorough investigation. I want to see this.

Diane B. Foley


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