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Banning marijuana isn't the answer

2014-04-27T00:00:00Z 2014-04-28T14:50:17Z Banning marijuana isn't the answer The Billings Gazette
April 27, 2014 12:00 am

I would like to comment about Steve Zabawa wanting to ban marijuana. What exactly is it about marijuana that is so bad it has to be banned? I'm sure it was a personal experience with a friend or an acquaintance. How else would he have the knowledge that marijuana is bad and needs to be banned.

And, of course, Zabawa wants to ban alcohol and cigarettes for the same reason, right? Maybe we should ban cars. People smoke marijuana, cigarettes and drink alcohol in cars. Then they drive. If we didn't have cars, that wouldn't happen. What does Zabawa think?

I am sure that they are all here to stay — ban or no ban. So why not legalize it and control it? Much better than the black market where money, not age, is the factor. Let’s collect the taxes and control it, so age is the factor. Just as we have bars that dispense alcohol, we could have dispensaries control marijuana. We need to keep a record of how many times people are hurt from alcohol versus marijuana and quit making people criminals because of marijuana.

I'm interested to know why he thinks marijuana should be banned, other than because it's illegal on the federal level. A real reason.

Karma Andricci

Cody, Wyo.

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