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Check up on your schools at OPI website

2013-07-15T00:00:00Z 2013-07-16T15:07:09Z Check up on your schools at OPI website The Billings Gazette
July 15, 2013 12:00 am

I read with interest, and somewhat shock, Max Lenington’s letter a week or so ago. I also read Nancy Lee Wilson Coleman's response in which her first sentence states: "Wow, after reading Max Lenington, Yellowstone County treasurer and assessor, plus county school superintendent rant, I am totally knowing what is wrong with the school system in our neighborhoods!"

Let me point out that Lenington is not a qualified county superintendent as required by Montana law, but was given that title when the Yellowstone commissioners decided to do away with their duly qualified county superintendent and consolidate the office with the treasurer. The past county superintendent could not even run in the next election since there was no longer an office. His assistant, Mrs. Long, is still in the office and does a great job taking care of the school matters for the county, but cannot take care of all of the duties as prescribed by law.

As far as Coleman's statement, "I am totally knowing what is wrong with the school system in our neighborhoods!" She should be aware that the elected school boards in Montana are the governing bodies and they in turn hire administration and staff to man the schools. As far as the schools themselves are concerned, one only needs to look at the Office of Public Instruction website to see that Montana schools are doing a great job. Or better yet, go visit your neighborhood schools and see for yourself!

Jerry Scott

Carbon County Superintendent of Schools

Red Lodge

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