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Editorial shows Gazette as pawn of negative politicians

2014-07-03T00:00:00Z 2014-07-03T17:11:06Z Editorial shows Gazette as pawn of negative politicians The Billings Gazette
July 03, 2014 12:00 am

The Gazette editorial on June 27 was a huge disappointment. How could any positive opinion possibly be formed about President Obama with this constant negative barrage? The Gazette has taken the bait and piled right on with the devious Repuglicant's plan!

This hateful, negative campaign is all that the Congress has done, and people surely should be sicker of them than they are of someone trying by his limited means, without them, to accomplish something.

The Gazette’s remarks about going back into Iraq with war are completely out of sync with the American people as well as most thoughtful writers and journalists. The public is tired of the "shoot first/reason later" campaigns we have been subjected to and that continue to be advocated by the American war machine.

Our soldiers have left enough blood in Iraq and the Middle East!

This war was dishonestly advocated, poorly planned and executed, and it is the longest war we have taken part in. Enough! President Obama is trying to clean up these mistakes and the disastrous economic woes of the previous president, and he has had no cooperation from Congress and nothing but criticism from an imperceptive public.

The newspaper’s abysmal failure to give Obama any credit for actions and the thoughtful restraint that he has shown marks The Gazette as a pawn of politicians and the campaign of negativity in place of action or positive, cooperative planning. This society is sick, and this editorial is just a further symptom of the deepening inflammation by those who wish to destroy our country to prove their negative points!

Bonnie Eldredge


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