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Get big money out of U.S. politics

2014-04-14T00:00:00Z 2014-04-14T09:32:04Z Get big money out of U.S. politics The Billings Gazette
April 14, 2014 12:00 am

I am 76 years young, retired, and try to keep up on politics. I have a suggestion to solve the majority of our financial woes in the U.S. Congress. They need to pass two bills. The first would eliminate the Citizens United ruling handed down from the Supreme Court. Second bill would state that any person or lobbyist could meet with any congressperson at any time, but they have to leave their checkbook in the car. As I watch the debate on TV, does anyone really believe that a $35, $50, or even $100 donor will receive the same amount of consideration as the donor who gave $1 million or more?

How about a “trickle-up economy”? When the unemployment rate gets to around 4 percent, with corporations and other businesses providing a somewhat living wage with benefits, then they get a tax break. It just seems the corporations and businesses should feel obligated to support the employees that worked for them and allowed them to make the profits they now enjoy.

Those in agreement that federal lands, BLM and Forest Service, should be under private or state ownership ought to think about this: If those lands ever come up for sale, the way Congress works, by the time the adjacent landowner learns they are on the market, they will probably already be committed to a campaign donor. Do you think the new owner will let you graze those lands at the current rate of $1.34 per AUM (animal unit month) or let you graze them at all?

Bernard W. Lea


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