Jill Baker's July 20 guest opinion is typical of the overheated rhetoric seen about the Hobby Lobby decision. It's a wonder anyone can pick through it to understand the essence.

The amazing thing is that the Supreme Court finally, finally found a stopping point for the advance of fascism in this country. Of course the decision had no effect whatever on access to birth control; women can simply go out and buy it as they please, or use forms their employer finds unobjectionable. What it did affect was their access to a free lunch unwillingly financed by other people who consider the four particular forms of birth control as murder.

Now, you may disagree with their assessment of these forms; in fact I have some problems with it myself. But consider the hubris of people such as Baker, forcing those others to participate, regardless of their qualms. In their view, the conscience of those others simply does not matter.

If there is anyone who is hostile to women, it is people like Baker, who cannot imagine women taking personal responsibility for their own lives (including the purchase of birth control); who like to see women as dependent waifs in the care of a paternal federal government.

Paul Bonneau

Cody, Wyo.

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