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Imagine living in an occupied state

2014-08-20T00:00:00Z 2014-08-20T10:04:08Z Imagine living in an occupied state The Billings Gazette
August 20, 2014 12:00 am

In response to Charlotte Trolinger’s letter on Aug. 11: Perspective is one-sided if you buy the occupiers' narrative. Ashkenazy Jews were grooming anywhere for a Jewish-only homeland since the late 1800s, and, after a few other opportunities to start a Jewish-only country, they zeroed in on the British Protectorate of Palestine. They managed to seal the fate of the current rightful inhabitants (the Arab/Palestinians/non-Jewish) — marginalizing them every way possible including genocide for their utopian experiment in terror and conquest, a state where the boundaries keep spreading.

Imagine you are a Billings resident for generations, and now you and your families are in occupied territory — say occupied by the Canadians for a Canadian-only state. Checkpoints everywhere: 24th and King, Grand and 24th, Sixth and Main Street and dozens of checkpoints in between, all of the checkpoints are manned by occupiers who wish you didn’t exist. You are no longer a Billings resident; you are a victim of occupation. You’re not allowed any building supplies or diapers or so many of the things life is made up of — clean water, electricity, sewage. You are unable to fish and farm. Your orchards are bulldozed and torched (how defensive is that?), because the occupier is guilty of stealing your land. They must condemn the Billings residents as terrorists in order to manage the narrative and get free money from the piggy bank of arms and cash from the U.S. taxpayer, while making your life miserable until you are killed or leave so only Canadians can live and possess the land.

The Palestinians had nothing to do with anything in World War II or before, yet they pay the price for this foolish utopian nightmare.

William Crain


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