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In abortion debate, care for the children should be the focus

2014-04-27T00:00:00Z 2014-04-28T14:50:17Z In abortion debate, care for the children should be the focus The Billings Gazette
April 27, 2014 12:00 am

"Every child a wanted, cared for child" must be the goal.

First, and most importantly, let me say that no one is “pro-abortion.” This and the “right to life” are political terms invented by Rove and company to ignite the Christian right. These terms just serve to divide people and should be dropped.

If the two women who wrote in last Sunday's Gazette are signed on to the rolls of foster parents, I would be more inclined to give them credence. However, I suspect that they are among the many in their movement who have no idea what other people's lives are like. I believe that in order to protest a woman's right to choose, you must walk the miles in those lives and the lives of the child after the child is born.

It has got to be more important to care for the resulting child instead of voting for “people-be-damned” legislators who say they want the children but do not vote to expand Medicaid so families can have health care and who cut dollars from programs like Head Start and school lunches. Caring for children involves a lot more than giving new mothers a box of diapers. These stances are nothing short of hypocritical.

People who want to participate in personal reproductive health care decisions of women must be willing to accept responsibilities for their decisions — the children who are born. There are 300 children in foster care in Billings every week. Step right up to sign up or ...

"If you cannot trust me with the choice, how can you trust me with the child?"

Bonnie Eldredge


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