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Keep guns locked up at gun ranges

2013-01-20T00:00:00Z 2013-01-21T09:56:07Z Keep guns locked up at gun ranges The Billings Gazette
January 20, 2013 12:00 am

There is another approach to the gun problem that does not involve outlawing guns.

Gun clubs, private gun ranges and similar facilities where guns can be used safely, could have lockers that can be rented to gun owners. Any purchase could be delivered by the retailer directly to the gun club or gun range for placement in these lockers. Procedures could be developed for safeguarding the guns so they could be used freely in the club or range but could not be taken out of the facility.

Hunting rifles could be kept in locked gun cabinets or gun safes in the owner's home when not in use. However, guns made only for the purpose of killing people should not be kept in people's homes. They are too dangerous, including to the owners. In addition to the huge risk of an accident, it is too likely they will fall into the wrong hands.

New York Mayor Blumberg says there are 34,000 deaths caused by guns in this country every year. There have been more people killed by guns in America since World War II than were killed in action in that war.

I applaud the efforts in some cities to buy back guns voluntarily. But that will not have much impact on the problem. I agree that it is hard to justify allowing assault rifles and other rapid fire guns to be freely available, but if they are carefully kept under lock and key and prevented from being taken from the gun range where they can be used safely, we would have some protection from the abuse that has plagued us recently.

Thomas E. Towe


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