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Let's help Americans first

2014-07-25T00:00:00Z 2014-07-25T08:55:04Z Let's help Americans first The Billings Gazette
July 25, 2014 12:00 am

An open-border policy like this will result in overpopulation and increase crime and violence in this country. Our government wants to give $3.7 billion to help newcomers, but the government can't even help their own people.

The U.S is plagued with a huge deficit, high unemployment and homelessness. Americans are unable to pay their mortgages and losing their homes. Others cannot pay rent and are illegally squatting. Automation and cheap labor mean fewer opportunities for jobs. Factory buildings and Main Street shops sit empty, and we struggle to pay for an outdated crumbling infrastructure. Maybe we should house these visitors in empty warehouses instead of building new facilities.

Many American children have been abused, neglected and grow up in poverty. Folks like me have been victims of crime, gang violence and injustice in our own cities. Now, I have post traumatic stress disorder and my government has offered me no money, no facility to live in nor promises for the future. The American dream is a myth.

It's not the children's fault because they are political pawns and victims of the coyote money scam, but they should be back home with their families. They should be protecting their siblings and helping grandma, like I did, instead of running away.

The National Guard must protect our borders from a population explosion and the government must fix our own problems before we can fix the rest of the world.

Denise Corrao

Miles City

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