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Let's promote citywide kindness campaign

2014-06-15T00:00:00Z 2014-06-16T08:21:05Z Let's promote citywide kindness campaign The Billings Gazette
June 15, 2014 12:00 am

Let's approach the idea of the NDO logically. If a person believes that it was wrong, in the past, to criminalize same-sex behavior, then it is equally wrong to criminalize the viewpoint that disagrees with today's LGBT behaviors.

The very act of wanting to criminalize our basic freedom of speech and freedom of religion is un-American because our rights, as in the Bill of Rights, is at the top of our hierarchy of needs in order to remain free citizens in a free nation. We must remain free to disagree with one another without criminalizing either position.

In the past, immigrants from Ireland, Poland, Italy, Hungary, Japan, China, etc., all experienced some elements of discrimination — largely because people of one culture did not understand another culture. Yet, immigrants consistently found support, through churches and other means, and they thrived because they had the guts and the backbone to persevere. It's how they gained acceptance. Yes, adversity can breed strength, which means that if the LGBT movement is meant to thrive, then it must follow the same path as our ancestors.

However, a solution that makes sense is available. Let's promote a citywide "kindness campaign” that would focus on kindness, courtesy and mutual respect for one another. These qualities are what we all desire in life.

Let's all remember that when actions come from the heart, they endure! So, I urge everyone to support a "kindness campaign," not the NDO concept.

Alice Kenat


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