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Let veterans use private health care as a benefit

2014-06-15T00:00:00Z 2014-06-16T08:21:05Z Let veterans use private health care as a benefit The Billings Gazette
June 15, 2014 12:00 am

Fixing the VA hospital mess is really simple! Three quick steps and we will have excellent care for all our veterans. First, give all the vets a Medicare card where they can go to any doctor just like the rest of the population. Second, forbid the government from setting up special rules or restrictions for veteran care. The care necessary can be determined by our excellent doctors and their veteran patients. Third, sell all the veteran hospitals and put the money back in the health care system. All those working in the VA can easily find health care jobs if they are any good at all.

Yes, it really is that simple! I have never waited two months for a doctor's appointment in our private health care system. I have visited great doctors in our present private health care system. Why on earth do we think the government has to run everything? Most things the government is not very good at running. And all the folks who want to put 1,000 conditions on every change can go fishing or paint their house.

We love our vets and the doctors will do a great job fixing their problems. Let our vets have the same great care the rest of us have. And let's get it done today. Or have we become too "controlling" to just get the simple and effective things done?

Tony Seitz


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