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Listen to 'no' on sewer

2014-08-28T00:00:00Z 2014-08-28T09:38:08Z Listen to 'no' on sewer The Billings Gazette
August 28, 2014 12:00 am

This "resolution" to deny our fifth "no" vote last November due to the exorbitant cost is a supreme conflict of interest for Carl Peters, president of the Lockwood Sewer Board. The board has "resolved" that they can force Phase II of this sewer project onto residents and ignore previous assessments based on property valuation, favoring an "equal cost" for those with the least, to subsidize those with the most.

My assessment of $206 last fall skyrockets to $497 per year for 40 years. This plus $5,000 first-year costs to trench and fill the septic tank, repour the cement drive, $800 for hook up, $60 for inspection and then $49 per month to use the system. We were told at the Aug. 13 hearing that equal assessments are "the fairest way." Bull. My 52 feet of Piccolo bear no resemblance to running pipeline down two acres of frontage road for Peters. We do not want a sewer system shoved down our throats by five dictators ignoring our five consecutive votes to the contrary.

Members of this board stand to reap financially from their "resolution" to force residents with small homes to subsidize their larger properties, from now allowing front-end payment of assessments, avoiding interest for those with means, while forcing others into beyond-lifetime payments and potentially receive investment income from those same bonds they've forced others to pay. This board "resolution" reeks.

Jackie Pepin


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