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Lockwood sewer protest period favors proponents

2014-07-27T00:00:00Z 2014-07-28T09:24:07Z Lockwood sewer protest period favors proponents The Billings Gazette
July 27, 2014 12:00 am

Last fall the expansion of the sewer system was defeated overwhelmingly by a 63 to 37 percent margin. But because a handful of people who wanted the sewer, they came to the Lockwood Water and Sewer District Board with their request. The board, in their infinite wisdom, decided the majority of the people didn't know what's good for them. They hired a firm to whip up a proposal that couldn't fail. Fifty-one percent (one vote per household) would have to vote (protest) by writing by July 28. Not even general elections get that kind of response. Wouldn't it have been more fair since it had already been defeated if those who wanted the services would have had to come up with the 51 percent?

I asked a guy what he thought about the proposal. He said he didn't understand it. When I told him it meant about $450 a year increase on this taxes for the next 30 years, he said he was certainly not for that. He questioned whether we live in a democracy.

I think about a widow who has three lots because when her husband was alive and they had young kids, they had horses. Her tax bill will rise by about $1,350.

I ask the board to reconsider its stance and let the people who want the sewer to voice their opinions. Even if 40 percent voted for the sewer, I could accept the results and agree with them. Majority should rule and not the dictates of a handful of people to subject over 640 households to this exorbitant tax hike.

I failed to mention that the $450-plus tax assessment does not include hookups or added charges. It is only for the sewer line to run past your lot.

Robert G. Steffans


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