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Medicaid expansion part of bad Obamacare plan

2013-03-18T00:00:00Z 2013-03-18T13:58:04Z Medicaid expansion part of bad Obamacare plan The Billings Gazette
March 18, 2013 12:00 am

Medicaid expansion is poised to be a major issue of debate during the 2013 legislative session. Remember when Obamacare was pressed in 2009, President Barack Obama promised “this legislation is paid for, and will not add one single dime to the deficit”. He claimed that this new entitlement program will be paid for by eliminating waste and fraud. But where did the money really came from? Aside from the numerous new taxes that are currently on the rise, $716 billion of the payment came by raiding the Medicare Trust Fund.

Obamacare supporters effectively rolled seniors off the cliff, but not before castigating those who he claims do not “pay their fair share." Haven’t seniors paid their fair share all along? Note the Medicare cuts are coming primarily out of Medicare Advantage, which 28 percent of seniors utilize to buy health insurance in the private market. The program is especially popular with Hispanics and African-Americans. Despite the high level of consumer satisfaction with a market-based solution, progressives are bent on driving seniors into a one-size-fits-all Medicare program.

Medicare cuts were postponed to take effect after the 2012 election so as to conceal the true costs of Obamacare to seniors. It is obvious that the president’s objective is to inflict as much pain as possible in his vision quest to grow government.

The proponents of Medicaid expansion insist it's free money from the federal government, only to be lost to another state if we don’t accept it. The truth is that the money comes from the spoils of theft from seniors who stand to lose the investment they have paid for decades.

Edward Walker

Senate District 29



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