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More Daines, more hypocrisy

2014-07-23T00:00:00Z 2014-07-23T09:32:07Z More Daines, more hypocrisy The Billings Gazette
July 23, 2014 12:00 am

More Steve Daines, more hypocrisy.

He criticizes the president about the VA scandal, then votes against vets on three separate bills, one which would have built 27 new veteran hospitals, another which would have reinstated food stamps to needy vets.

His campaign is "more higher paying jobs." Then he opposes Medicare expansion, hiking the minimum wage and supports everything anti-union. Maybe those jobs he says he wants to create have already been created by things like the president's stimulus package which many of Daines cohorts in D.C. opposed. Unemployment dropped from 8.2 during Bush to 6.1 and the Dow closed at 17,000 recently. Not bad for a president Fox News has convinced many to hate.

Now Daines is pushing against cleaner air standards to protect his carbon producing buddies. No one wants to stop oil or coal production; we just want these trillion dollar companies to spend a little more money cleaning up their acts.

Daines is terrible on the environment; however, I'm not greatly pleased with Walsh or Tester either. We need to elect some people with courage.

Daines tells you how many jobs the Keystone XL would bring to Montana, but when it opens, railroad jobs and trucking jobs will be lost. By shifting to cleaner energy, fossil fuel jobs will be lost, but clean energy jobs will be gained. Daines is dead wrong when he states that "The jury's still out" on global warming. Only in places like Exxon and Colstrip is it out. 

We had better start holding these companies and their bought-and-paid-for politicians' feet to the fire. No pun intended.

Bob Schwarz


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