Back on Sept. 26, 2012, a drunk driver totaled my parked vehicle. Over a year later a victims advocate contacted me to gather information on the damages the drunk driver cause to me. After meeting with her and several emails, all my information was in.

A few months later I received a notice telling me when the court hearing and restitution date was. A few weeks after that I got another notice, saying the court date was postponed because the drunk driver’s attorney wanted to talk to me. When a short time went by and I never heard anything, I started leaving messages for the victim's advocate to call me back. About a month went by before I heard anything back.

Approximately two weeks ago, I received a call from the Yellowstone County Attorney's Office telling me that they dropped the ball and that when the court hearing came up, there was no talk of restitution. Now I am out $7,500 including a car because they forgot about it.

Now there is nothing I can do to collect from this guy. I tried suing in civil court. but all his money is government paid so I can’t collect my judgment. I believe that the county attorney should be held accountable for the mistake instead of the no-name citizen of Billings losing everything.

Kimberly Buchanan


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