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No special interest funding in our town

2014-04-06T00:00:00Z 2014-04-07T09:35:07Z No special interest funding in our town The Billings Gazette
April 06, 2014 12:00 am

The proponents of the ordinance, based upon the message of tolerance, NIOT (Not In Our Town), have come up with yet another dilemma called "special interest group."

In a March 24 guest opinion, Donald Seibert labeled the conservatives as being angry at the use of the taxpayers' money to help fund a national leadership gathering for a "special interest group." Seibert quoted the First Amendment, yet added a caveat, "But I insist a person does not have the right to politically limit the rights of others to their freedom of religious choice, assembly or belief.” I would insist upon the same thing!

The NIOT was a valiant grassroots effort; yet to create an ordinance to protect equality and fairness is redundant of our laws based upon our U.S. Constitution.

I would ask that the elected members of the City Council do the jobs for which they were elected — to represent all citizens of Billings. Our tax dollars are designated for city support services, not for supporting various social agendas.

By the way, if the city happens to pass this funding request, I hope that it has another $25,000 available as I would love to bring to Billings a conference to teach the Constitution to all of our citizens so that everyone has an equal understanding of the spirit of our forefathers in their fight for "freedom and liberty for all!"

Pam Purinton


Editor's note: The Billings Not In Our Town steering committee has withdrawn its request for the City Council to contribute $25,000 toward this summer's leadership conference.

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