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Others beside gay community have rights

2014-08-27T00:00:00Z 2014-08-27T12:26:04Z Others beside gay community have rights The Billings Gazette
August 27, 2014 12:00 am

Not In Our Town is a terrific movement. It rallied the whole town to prevent discrimination against Jews, or anyone for that matter. What a terrific success. No law needed. No ruling to make us think one way or the other. Rather it is a commitment to not let anyone harass or bully those of different orientations. How could we not agree and stop the foolishness of the people starting that discrimination. We don't want, and won't go along with, Nazi type actions period. Not in Billings. We Montanans don't like discrimination. As a society, we will do everything we can to eliminate hateful harassment.

NDO is not the same thing. Of course we all agree we will not allow the harassment or any danger to those of different sexual persuasion. However, we do not agree that we should condemn, punish or fine anyone who does not believe that homosexual behaviors are not moral or any other silly rules of NDO. Others besides the gay community, too, have their rights, too. I say we stick with Not In Our Town and we stand behind protecting all gay or lesbians from any danger; however, we don't need to legislate everyone else to change their beliefs. We don't need more dumb dividing laws. I will protect my gay or lesbian friends from any harassment with every possible means I have. At the same time I will not try to force my other friends to change their religious beliefs because someone else believes differently than they do.

There is a huge difference between NIOT and NDO. One rallies our support for others; the other tries to force beliefs on everyone.

Mayor Hanel has my 100 percent support. That is why he is the mayor. Tough decisions, but good decisions.

Tony Seitz


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