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Protecting special interest groups fractures society

2014-06-09T00:00:00Z 2014-06-09T09:37:06Z Protecting special interest groups fractures society The Billings Gazette
June 09, 2014 12:00 am

The proposed NDO now pending before the City Council has engendered considerable thoughtful response on both sides of the issue. One facet that has rarely been addressed is the unintended consequence of the fracturing of the city and even the nation. The proliferation of tiny special interest groups has made the world a much more fractured and, thus, more contentious place to live.

As the number of special interest groups demanding personalized rights grows, our nation becomes more isolated and lonelier. It seems to me that the interests of the LGBT community are met under existing laws that preclude discrimination on the basis of race, creed or sex. We do not have anti-discrimination laws for smaller groups of race such as African American, Asian and Aboriginal. We do not have anti-discrimination laws for smaller groups of creed, such as Catholic, Muslim or Hindu. The issue of discrimination against various "genders" should be taken up under existing law protecting the broad category of sex.

If we continue to write laws identifying protection for tinier groups, how small, how fractured, how isolated, how lonely will our nation become? The Billings NDO has not and will not stem this fracturing tide.

Terry Forke


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