The Billings Gazette is giving accolades to SD2 Supt. Bouck for getting the community behind him. Bouck wants to build new schools and repair the existing ones so that all are equal in quality. That's a nice sentiment, but the taxpayers have already provided funds for this.

Now, unfortunately, academics are being left behind in the process. The curriculum level for every core course has been reduced due to serious academic issues (i.e., Common Core implementation, PLCs, students out of the classroom, student failures, etc.) which are not being addressed. The Gazette states that Bouck has the backing of teachers and administrators in SD2. That statement is far from true, but the staff fears retaliation if they contradict Bouck's main (and only) priority.

Where are the investigative reporters of The Gazette? Why don't they ask about the tens of thousands of dollars wasted on the textbook inventory system purchased last year? Why don't they ask why our children are being treated as an assembly line item where everyone gets through the system, no matter what quality of education they receive? Is The Gazette content on being a big fish in a small pond? Apparently, this is so.

Ron Klem



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