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Taking issue with reasons for graduation speaker boycott

2014-04-06T00:00:00Z 2014-04-07T09:35:07Z Taking issue with reasons for graduation speaker boycott The Billings Gazette
April 06, 2014 12:00 am

The March 27 article, "Faculty, students to boycott Tech graduation over speakers" airs grievances of LGBT supporters opposed to a successful Montana couple, the Gianfortes, speaking at graduation. This discontent is due in part to the couple's affiliation with The Heritage Foundation, and their opposition to an anti-discrimination law in Bozeman (a precursor to redefining marriage in Montana).

In other words, they oppose this couple because of their Christian beliefs, and Pat Munday, the head of the technical communications department at Montana Tech, is quoted as saying, "Do we want to give people with those extreme social conservative views a platform and legitimize them as graduation speakers?"

Christianity is a tolerant religion. This tolerance springs from the teaching that human life is sacred, regardless of color, sexual orientation or one's beliefs. Life is created through the union of man and woman, a gift unique to this pairing. Hence marriage is a sacred contract, ordained not by man's laws, but by God, to provide for the creation of life through family.

By re-defining marriage, the law then stumbles in its flimsiness, prey to the whims of the social leanings of the time (polygamy, anyone?). To label this as discriminatory is to ignore significant differences in an attempt to demonstrate "equality."

To call the Gianfortes' beliefs "extreme social conservative views" implies Christianity is a hate group, an obvious attempt at faction traction through demonization.

Apparently tolerance, for the LGBT community at Montana Tech, is a one-way street.

Cynthia Marble


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