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Thanks for musical memories, Mr. Glenn

2014-08-03T00:00:00Z 2014-08-04T12:00:04Z Thanks for musical memories, Mr. Glenn The Billings Gazette
August 03, 2014 12:00 am

This community sorely notes the passing of Avery Glenn, our beloved band director of the 1960's. Glenn was a strict disciplinarian who kept very tight control of his bands and you didn't fool with him — except for White Owl, who in 1966, achieved utter, complete and perfect revolution in a Lewis & Clark Junior High band room.

Glenn had spotted a squirt gun being utilized in the baritone section, stomped up there, put his hand out and demanded the thing — which turned out to be a mistake! Mike Loken, the eighth grade blond baritonist brandishing the sidearm, shouted out, "Stop! Don't come any further or I'll shoot!" and pointed the pistol square at the director's face.

It was a Mexican standoff and a major confrontation was about to erupt. The entire band room of 70 or 80 students went deadly silent. Who was going to back down? Glenn repeated his demand and White Owl made his decision, fired and fired repeatedly, drenching the strict disciplinarian. The band erupted into a horrendous wild laughter.

Glenn realized instantly that he had lost at least this battle, and chaos had entered the band room with a biggest of grins. He could do nothing other than stand there, drip, and laugh — with us! And he did. Poor White Owl did get his comeuppance, but later and behind closed doors. There were no more water pistol incidents — that year. Thanks for the memories and the music. Bye, Mr. Glenn.

Les Keebler


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