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Try to imagine life in Gaza

2014-08-11T00:00:00Z 2014-08-11T08:27:05Z Try to imagine life in Gaza The Billings Gazette
August 11, 2014 12:00 am

Most of us cannot imagine the conditions of daily life now experienced by Gaza's people, even without a military assault — two hours of electricity at best, basic foods such as tomatoes costing five times what they did three weeks ago, with medicine and safe water becoming increasingly scarce. Such conditions alone make life a challenge.

Israel insists Hamas broke the last cease-fire attempt less than two hours into it, but independent media sources disagree. The statistics of dead and wounded in themselves contradict Israel's repeated assertions about its need and right to "defend" itself from Palestinian rockets. The U.S. accords Palestinians no such right.

In comparison to Israel's sophisticated military and armament (much supplied by the U.S., with which Israel declares superior accuracy), the Palestinian rockets are toys. Most never reach target or are deflected by Israel's Iron Dome system, also funded by the U.S.

Israel's heavy shelling of a school, designated a U.N. refugee center, left 16 civilians dead and more than 100 injured, mostly women and children. The shelling of a crowded market killed 17. These are recent examples that appear as intentional civilian targets. Israel insists it tries to avoid civilian casualties, blaming Hamas and other Palestinian factions for being purposely embedded in urban areas. Today's news declares nearly 1,900 Palestinians dead and 10,000 wounded, more than double last week's toll. 80 percent of Palestinian casualties are civilians, 113 being children. Israel's dead are 64 soldiers and three civilians. Israel now agrees to a new cease-fire, declaring mission accomplished for destroying Hamas' tunnels. This is genocide's face.

Charlotte Trolinger


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