I have to commend The Billings Gazette for admitting it was wrong about Obama. I see the paper already has its critics complaining for making that statement.

The Gazette failed to mention some other big topics like Benghazi, the IRS fiasco, Fast and Furious and so on. Now we have the kids (big and small) pouring over the border which was created by the Obama administration. They knew in January that this was going to be happening and did nothing about it. Now Obama is asking the taxpayers to spend billions of dollars to take care of them. Why not drop them off in front of the White House?

Obamacare is a very sad joke. "You have to pass the bill to find out what's in it" said Nancy Pelosi. Well, we found out what was in it and Obama to date has illegally made a couple dozen changes to it. I and millions of others had our working hours cut back considerably because of Obamacare.

This man would have been impeached a long time ago if he had been a Republican. The uninformed will just keep standing up for him just because he's a Democrat. Because of his policies and those covering up for him, this country that I love is in a very sorry state. God help us.

Juli Peden


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