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U.S. should support those Ukrainians who want out

2014-06-10T00:00:00Z 2014-06-10T09:14:08Z U.S. should support those Ukrainians who want out The Billings Gazette
June 10, 2014 12:00 am

Having been raised American, the belief that governments belong to the people, and exist to serve the people is a cornerstone of my belief system, and I would hope that of every American. Why, then, is our government supporting the Ukrainian government in their conflict? A conflict that clearly is in opposition to that fundamental belief?

There can be no doubt at all that the majority of the people in Eastern Ukraine do not want to be part of Ukraine. Clearly there is hostility in the west against Putin, and his support for these rebels has shaded our perception of the conflict unfairly. Rebellion against an oppressive government is not just a right of a free people, it is a duty. Is it right that we oppose these people? Should these people's struggle for freedom from oppression by a government deeply rooted in an unreformed Nazi past be submerged in the larger conflict between Putin and the west?

As we approach our celebration of our own liberation from similar oppression a mere 238 years ago, can we as Americans in good conscience countenance our government's abandonment of these men and women? Can we oppose their struggle for freedom simply because they turn to an ally we don't like?

Self-determination is a human right. Governments belong by right to the governed. As an American and a patriot, I can only applaud their efforts, and I condemn the efforts of our leaders who seek to thwart those efforts in the strongest of terms. I am deeply ashamed that these efforts are being made in my name as an American.

Shame on Obama and on all the European governments who are in support of these policies. As usual the Fourth Estate has completely dropped the ball.

Howard Wilkinson


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