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VA officials should be penalized for mismanagement

2014-07-30T00:00:00Z 2014-07-30T09:35:05Z VA officials should be penalized for mismanagement The Billings Gazette
July 30, 2014 12:00 am

When is Congress going to do something to punish people in VA management who profited from the deaths of veterans? If you don't punish them, when will killing stop?

The America I grew up with is gone forever.

Forty or more veterans were deliberately denied health care and subsequently they died. Why? So some people in management in the VA could be promoted and received bonuses. Why are they still there? They should be required to return their bonuses, be fired and sent to prison.

Those veterans put their lives on the line for their country and the government said they would be taken care of. Obama and Congress has known about this for years and done nothing to correct the problem. Looks like the VA health care management will get by without going to prison or paying their bonuses back.

When is government (Congress) going to require people to do their job? When they don't do their job, fire them. That is what private industry does. The government moves them to a new job or promotes them.

Why is Obamacare good enough for the people who pay your salary but not good enough for Congress? How many members of Congress turned down their elite health care plan for Obamacare?

I am a World War II-Korean veteran, and I hope and pray I never have to go to the VA for medical care.

John Mankopf


Editor's note: Before he resigned as VA secretary, Eric Shinseki revoked several thousand dollars in bonuses paid to the administrator of the Phoenix, Ariz., VA. Members of Congress from both parties have called for bonuses to other VA leaders to be rescinded. According to, falsehoods about how the Affordable Care Act affects Congress have been circulating for years. In fact, members of Congress and their staffs are required to select their health plan from among those offered to residents of their home states through the ACA exchanges. Federal lawmakers and their staff members can no longer choose plans through the Federal Employee Health Benefits Plan as other U.S. government employees do.

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