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Zinke the only reliable candidate

2014-05-14T00:00:00Z 2014-05-14T08:16:10Z Zinke the only reliable candidate The Billings Gazette
May 14, 2014 12:00 am

On May 8, Jim Kelly wrote, "We ... are sick and tired of the lies coming from the political realm," claiming Ryan Zinke flip-flops on issues. My response? No, we are disgusted with people like Kelly, Ken Miller and Rick Hill making statements without justification. That is the height of political manipulation.

On the abortion issue, Zinke is the only candidate who carried a pro-life bill in the Montana Legislature that both houses ratified. The governor vetoed it. Yes, Zinke voted against "Life Begins at Conception." Both Montana Catholic Bishops advised us to defeat that bill. Are they not pro-life? Would Miller/Hill vote for a bill just because it belonged to a certain category, but was not effective? I think not.

Gun control — how they you claim flip-flop on this? Zinke was the founding director of Montana Firearms Institute. Kelly does not back up claims with facts.

Who could make better decisions in international issues than a person with a master’s degree in global leadership? After 23 years making life and death decisions with the Navy SEALS, who has more practice making important decisions? No other candidate, just Zinke.

Have other candidates been in harm's way militarily and been awarded any medals? Zinke earned two Bronze Stars for valor.

Lastly, I have seen no negative words from Zinke concerning any of his opponents. What a shame Kelly's ilk must stoop so low.

Vote Ryan Zinke as U.S. representative from Montana — more leadership and less politics.

Coreen and John Glen


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