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A Billings hunter is out of the hospital Saturday after being attacked by a bear Friday afternoon in the Gravelly Range in Madison County.

Sgt. Joe Knarr of the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks told The Montana Standard that a man was knocked down by a bear while hunting in the south end of the Gravelly Range, near Cascade Mountain, about 4:30 p.m. The man was taken to a hospital in Idaho Falls.

Knarr said it doesn't appear the man was bitten or clawed in the encounter.

"It appears he had gotten run over by the bear," Knarr said.

After knocking the hunter down, the bear ran away without further incident. Officials aren't certain what type of bear attacked the man.

Knarr said investigators haven't interviewed the hunter as of Saturday afternoon, so details of the incident were unavailable. However, he plans to speak to him as soon as possible.

Knarr said the victim was out of the hospital and on his way home to Billings on Saturday; his identity hasn't been released.

Wildlife investigators don't believe it will be necessary to take any action on the animal, Knarr said.

Game warden Kerry Wahl said the victim was hunting with a partner, who wasn't injured. The partner called 911 and drove the victim out of the forest, Wahl said. Information on how the victim got to the hospital was unavailable.

Wahl said the Gravelly Range is heavy with bear activity and hunters should also take precaution there. He said there have been three hostile bear encounters in that area in the past 13 months. The range is located south of Virginia City, and is bordered on the east by the Madison Valley.