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End Daze

Nothing but window dressing. Be assured that the bureaucrats will approve this "merger" (or one just like it) because they are liberals and this is in step with advancing the liberal centralized health care agenda. It is amazing how often one sees the leftists supporting measures that eliminate competition and pave the way for the "big corporations" they always claim to hate. There is NO WAY any one in any state will be served by reducing the number of insurance companies. And, Lindeen of all people has worked hard over the years to make sure our only choice is BCBS by pushing for "mandates" that eleminate consumer choice and reduces the number of companies interested in playing her regulatory game. Now it's down to the coupe degrass, so to speak, and she acts like she is concerned about the well-being of consumers. Give me a break! The "spreading of costs" they talk about is the installating of technology to amass centralized data on everyone. It's not about the cost of health care.


coup de grâce


coup de grâce


There is no way joining up with a monstrous, out if state, for profit insurance company will benefit anyone but fat cats of said company.


Overpaid executives
According to recent tribune article. Blue cross Paid its top ten executives a total of $45 million. Yes fourty five million dollars


bcnow I agree bcbs top executives make too much money. I dropped them. found better coverage lesser price

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