Jeremy Cramer admits in phone call to killing son

Charging documents released in toddler death
2013-07-20T07:00:00Z 2014-04-04T09:17:05Z Jeremy Cramer admits in phone call to killing sonBy RENATA
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BUTTE — The man accused of killing his 3-year old child near Anaconda admits to allegedly killing his son in an extensive recorded telephone call from the jail to his father.

Jeremy Brent Cramer, 28, in the affidavit released Friday by the Anaconda Deer Lodge county attorney Ben Krakowka, rambles repeatedly about killing his son.

Cramer faces a felony deliberate-homicide charge in the July 8 death of Broderick Daniel Cramer, 3, of Lacey, Wash. Jeremy Cramer is being held in Anaconda-Deer Lodge County jail on a $250,000 bond.

The toddler’s body was found July 9 near the Mill Creek Highway, about five miles southeast of Anaconda. Krakowka determined that the cause of death was homicidal violence with blunt-force and sharp-force trauma.

The boy was likely killed on July 8, but Cramer was charged and arrested on July 9. The child’s mother, Nataliya Cramer, lives in the family home in Lacey, Wash.

In clearly a rambling, disjointed conversation as detailed in the affidavit, Jeremy Brent Cramer, 38, says, “My son is dead, 100 percent dead, yes I did it, something did it of me but I didn’t do it.”

In what appears to be an incoherent, confused state, Cramer repeatedly told his father what he’d done. The affidavit says Cramer was told the conversation would be recorded.

Jeremy Cramer: “I gotta have a lawyer with this stuff right here. I’m sitting right here at the county by the jail and I can’t comprehend reality right now.”

Father: “Jeremy, you know Brody could still be alive.”

Jeremy Cramer: “He’s not alive.”

Father: “How do you know?”

Jeremy Cramer: “I just know.”

Father: “He might still be alive.”

Jeremy Cramer: “He isn’t.”

Father: “How do you know? What did you do to him?”

Jeremy Cramer: “Because I … I picture him and I just died right there. I don’t know why I did it, I don’t know what happened.”

Father: “Did you shoot him?”

Jeremy Cramer: “No, I didn’t have any guns on me.”

Later in the conversation, Jeremy Cramer told his father, “I still got my son’s blood on me.”

At the scene, investigators found a fixed-blade knife, a sheath, a pair of sunglasses and an orange and blue blanket that was covering a GPS unit, a large rock with blood and hair on it and a small rock with blood and hair on it.

When arresting Cramer, police found an empty bottle with a prescription for 60 Adderall pills that was filled on July 3. In the affidavit, Jon Cramer, brother of the accused, had told detectives on July 9 that his brother was a drug addict and former methamphetamine user.

“Why did I take all my pills? Did I take all my pills?,” and “Dad, Brody’s dead,” he said to his father later in the phone call.

In addition to the extended conversation, the affidavit reveals a detailed description of the events leading up to Jeremy Brent Cramer’s arrest.

Law enforcement reported Cramer and his son left Lacey —a suburb of Olympia and about 620 miles from Anaconda — early on July 8 in what was described as a “custodial dispute.”

As Anaconda Police Department officers attempted to read Cramer his Miranda Rights on July 9, Cramer repeatedly offered additional information, as in “You gotta understand something. I killed my best friend.”

A community memorial service was held in honor of Broderick Cramer on Thursday at Washoe Park in Anaconda.

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