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A few deer yes alot of deer will be trouble. So what would the people do that want the deer left alone and in time when the deer get old and would happen to die on their front lawn? These people then need to be billed for disposal of this animal and billed for alot of money before the animal is removed. The people need to be billed for the damage these deer will do then they will agree to reducing the herd.

billy banger

We have deer born on both sides of us and last year the doe with fawns was attacking dogs and children in our yards and this is something the bleeding hearts should see or have to put up with. We eventually had the deer removed but this is not the problem of the fish and game department which cannot manage these deer it should be handled by the animal control people in each city and paid for by them.


Allow bowhunters in county parks and woodlots within the city. Does only.


I have the solution. It is ecologically sound, no doubt brillant, and will fit into the wolf huggers agenda perfectly. All cattle killing wolves and other problem wolves need to be released INSIDE of Missoula. Let them deal with the wolves. Build a big fence around missoula so the wolves cannot get out. If we can get enough problem wolves, which of course is the majority of the wolf population, the deer will be cleaned out in probably a couple of weeks. Of course, a few poodles, house cats, and other pets will be lost, but thats ok. They are suppose to be fenced and inside the houses and garages anyway. No more dogs roaming your yards! Then the wolf huggers can have a wolf in their backyards! Wow, this is genus! This just goes to show how idiotic some (I said some, not most) liberal missoulans are. Helena obviously has a much better gene pool than what is found in Missoula.

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