HELENA — The Blackfeet tribe's chief prosecutor says no decision has been made on whether to charge a state senator who fled a Glacier County sheriff's deputy who suspected him of drunken driving nearly three weeks ago.

Prosecutor Carl Pepion said Thursday that the investigation is ongoing and he is "waiting on some stuff." He said he had no further comment.

Democratic state Sen. Shannon Augare of Browning was pulled over May 26 after deputies received a call of an erratic driver.

Augare also is a Blackfeet tribal councilman, and the sheriff's office said he told the deputy he had no jurisdiction to arrest him.

Augare then allegedly drove off as the deputy attempted to take his keys.

The sheriff's office turned the case over to the tribe.

Augare has declined to comment.

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Sure, the investigation is "ongoing". We all know how this will end.

Dave Skinner
Dave Skinner

This is ridiculous. Aguare needs to man up and come clean, and the tribal government needs to stop with this blatant favoritism. It's corrupt and reflects badly on the entire concept of Indian sovereignty.
He can be a state Senator and not be subject to the laws he helps write? Are you kidding me?


What kind of "stuff" are they waiting on, "stuff" like the general unlocked forgetting about this? What a joke.

Our MT

Yeah, I think we can all write the conclusion to this "investigation".

Just sad to think this Bozo is writing the State laws we all must comply with. He should be removed from office as a Legislator.


Yea for sure I totally agree


Don't you realize that by not charging him, they are doing their part to right 200 years of white man oppression? "That drinking and driving stuff is a white man law, and by golly we can do whatever we want to because we are a sovereign nation.... Hey! Where is our State and Federal grant money?"

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