Park County officials said Thursday that a Florida man suspected of shooting a Livingston-area woman died of blood loss after sheriff's deputies shot him.

A news release from Park County Attorney Brett D. Linneweber and Coroner Al Jenkins said Thomas Kyros, 81, of New Port Richy, Fla., died of “exsanguination due to multiple gunshot wounds” on Jan. 17.

Officers responded to a 911 call at 50 Outlaw Hill Road outside of Livingston for a reported shooting.

Officials said Kyros shot 50-year-old Georgia Smith. Officers arrived and shot Kyros after he pointed a gun at them.

Smith was taken to a hospital and authorities said she was in “stable” condition but did not release more information at the request of her family, including which hospital she was taken to.

Kyros apparently shot Smith because he believed she stood between him and her genius daughter, 19-year-old Promethea Pythaitha, of Bozeman.

Pythaitha is well-known for graduating from Montana State University at the age of 14.

Kyros, a Greek immigrant, reportedly called the Bozeman Daily Chronicle multiple times over the past several years, saying that Pythaitha was his adopted granddaughter and that Smith blocked his access to her.

He had been in Montana for about two months when officers shot and killed him.

The news release said more details, including further autopsy findings, won't be immediately released. It cited the ongoing investigation, led by the Montana Department of Justice's Division of Criminal Investigation.

Authorities will set a date for a coroner's inquest into Kyros' death when the investigation wraps up. A coroner's inquest is required whenever someone dies while in law enforcement custody or in instances such as officer-involved shooting deaths.

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