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BUTTE — The Butte-Silver Bow Sheriff's Department is warning people of a scam concerning a fake fundraising effort for a deputy killed in Montana Tuesday.

Sheriff Ed Lester, in a news release, said the Deer Lodge Police Department has received complaints of a male who is calling residents by phone and attempting to get their credit card information.

The male is apparently advising people that he is raising money for Broadwater County Deputy Mason Moore, who was killed in the line of duty on May 16.

The male, who has a foreign accent, says that he is from the Montana Law Enforcement Academy and that he is accepting credit card donations.

This is a scam, the sheriff said.

The Montana Law Enforcement Academy is not soliciting donations for Deputy Moore.

The Montana Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association is accepting donations for Deputy Moore’s family. However, that group is not soliciting donations by phone.

"Do not provide your credit card information to this individual,'' Lester said.