Slideshow: Yellowstone Minute Out In It videos

August 26, 2014 10:48 am  • 

A slideshow collection of Yellowstone National Park's "Minute Out In It" videos.

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  • Great horned owls live in Alaska, Florida and virtually everywhere in-between, but people rarely get to see them because they mostly hunt at night. This spring, a pair of owls delighted crowds in Mammoth Hot Springs when they established a visible nest, and hunted during the day since that's when their local prey (the Uinta ground squirrel) is most active.

  • Every so often, the air temperature and dew point conspire to create a misty morning along the river valleys of the northern range. Natural sounds only: no narration.

  • A male ruffed grouse claims his territory in the forest near Mammoth Hot Springs. During this ritual display, the grouse beats its wings in a series of thumps that builds to a resonant crescendo, the bird's wings blurring with speed. Headphones recommended. Natural sounds only: no narration.

  • If you've visited Yellowstone during spring, you've probably heard the all-male chorus of the boreal chorus frog: but actually seeing them is another matter. Ranger Rita Garcia reminisces about discovering these tiny amphibians for the first time.

  • The sounds of spring fill the air as the sun sets on the Lower Geyser Basin. Featuring the slurps and gurgles of Fountain Pain Pot, the splashes of Clepsydra Geyser, the song of the American Robin, and the calls of a Sandhill Crane. This video contains natural sounds only.

  • Should you worry about earthquakes near North America's largest volcano? Are animals fleeing the park? Public Affairs Chief Al Nash sets the record straight on a few stories circulating about Yellowstone.

  • Bears have begun emerging from their winter dens in Yellowstone. As a grizzly forages near the Midway Geyser Basin, the park's bear management biologist explains early spring bear behavior, and how the public can both help bears and protect themselves over the next few months.

  • Each spring, park roads close while crews clear a winter's worth of packed snow from the Grand Loop. Depending on conditions, the amount of road cleared in a day can be measured in miles...or yards. Here's a peek at what crews face while they ready the park for peak season.

  • Yellowstone's Upper Geyser Basin boasts the highest concentration of geysers in the world. Even so, watching two at once makes it a special day. In this video, Castle Geyser is accompanied by a distant favorite: Old Faithful. This video contains natural sounds only.

  • Winter drivers face a number of potential hazards in Yellowstone, including black ice, snow-packed roads and whiteouts. Evaluate conditions before you head out, and drive carefully so that you can spend your time watching wildlife instead of waiting for a tow truck.

  • Enjoy the unusual ice formations along Pebble Creek as this slow stream transitions from late fall to winter. This video contains natural sounds only.

  • What's it like to witness an eruption of the world's largest active geyser? Three Yellowstone National Park employees share their story from the night of Sept. 3, 2014.

  • As night falls on Mammoth Hot Springs, elk bugles ring out in every direction. Three or four bulls trot past the glowing windows of Officer's Row, converging near the southern end of Fort Yellowstone. Suddenly two begin a fight for dominance and access to females, the entire display lit by cars making a late exit from the park. Natural sounds only: no narration. Please note: intentionally spotlighting animals is prohibited by law.

  • As the rut winds down in October, the Mammoth elk herd spends more and more time lounging in the shade of employee houses along Officer's Row in Yellowstone National Park. This leads to many surprises when you open your door in the morning, and to some uncommonly close filming from the safety of a house. Natural sounds only: no narration.

  • One of the thrills of visiting Yellowstone is that you never know when you'll see a bear: which means you should always be ready for it. Learn more at Produced by NPS/Neal Herbert.

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