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Regular Guy

Keystone XL is a corporate boondoggle. The pipelines from Canada aren't running at capacity as it is. Keystone XL is a disaster waiting to happen. Just say no.


The enviros will do whatever they can to stop good high paying jobs because they are the takers, the gimme pigs that don't want to work and think the government never runs out of money. Most of them are already on the take, just as Algore proved it in his sale to the Oil Sheikhs. They want us to be like the middle east and live in caves. When liberal ideas win, good people suffer.

mt im

You never get tired of regurgitating right wing lies do you.


How can democrats oppose keystone? Guarantee boost to the economy and they think its a bad thing. What are Baucus and Tester doing to help Montana? Those Obama puppets just sit on it and do nothing!


Baucus Leads Majority of Senate in Keystone Call; Presses Kerry Ahead of Secretary of State Confirmation
Senator: No More Excuses, Time to Put Montanans to Work Building Keystone Pipeline http://www.baucus.senate.gov/?p=press_release&id=1216

Why I support the Keystone XL Pipeline
By: Sen. Jon Tester http://www.tester.senate.gov/?p=news&id=294
They have been on record for some time to get Montana oil to market. All other agencies and state governments having been satisfied, it is now up to one person, President Obama.


Warren Buffet is making big money transporting oil by rail. That was one reason to stop a foreign pipeline thro' the U.S. The second reason was 'not until the price was right for Obama.'

Just read a couple days ago that the price is close to right: a pipeline carrying dirty foreign crude to the Gulf Coast for refinement and marketing to Asia across American private property in a swap for carbon taxing of Americans.

Ironic that the Saturday protests were directed to a guy getting golf lessons in Florida and we're paying thousands and thousands for the whole thing. That's including a couple F-16s to divert a small plane. Could we taxpayers have saved money by using a drone to take the little guy out?

Not to be ignored, we're buying Michelle another ski trip in Aspen. Doesn't the east coast have dozens of ski resorts? These grifters are doing their best to break and destroy us. No word on where the kiddies and Mama are, but you can bet they aren't confined to their own resorts at hom


Warren Buffet, being a billionaire businessman, owns a railway (BNSF) and it would make sense to organize the transportation of oil to the eastern gulf refineries in Louisiana. At present those refineries are dependent on more expensive oil from offshore, either imported from unfriendly nations or gulf wells that cost upwards of a billion dollars to develop. Strangely there are not any pipelines into this area from the north, resulting in Mr. Buffet noting the opprotunity to use his railway to transport the less expensive oil from the Bakken at a profit.http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2012/jan/24/buffett-would-profit-keystone-cancellation/

flowergal your wonderment at recommending the violent use of a drone is beyond reasonable expression, particularly so when it seems directed at high political office.


Quoting facts are not going to convince the enviro-cultists. Emotionalism and exageration will overcome common sense every time. Time to look at who and why this cult is making the effort to keep North American energy sector from performing. Follow the money.

Canada supplies the U.S. with 100 per cent of its imported electricity, 85 per cent of its natural gas imports, and 27 per cent of its oil imports, more than twice as much as the 12 per cent of U.S. oil imports supplied by Saudi Arabia. A single pipeline company, Enbridge, transports more oil to the U.S. than the Saudis.


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