A Casper man was arrested Thursday night after a woman told police he tried to run her over with an SUV.

Police allege William Cunningham, 36, entered a bathroom while the woman was showering and pushed her down onto a bathtub, where she hit her head. Cunningham then left the house with two children and got in his SUV, according to the documents.

After driving around, Cunningham saw the woman on the front lawn of the house and swerved to hit her, according to the documents. She dodged the Ford.

A child who was in the SUV told investigators he thought Cunningham had run over the woman.

The other child said Cunningham had tried to run the woman over. He said he was unsure if Cunningham had done so, because he did not see any blood, according to the documents.

Police responding to the scene saw tire tracks on the front lawn, the documents indicate.

The woman was hospitalized for observation, according to the documents. The woman did not have any visible injuries, a responding police officer wrote.

After responding to the scene of the alleged crime, police later found Cunningham at a family member's house across town.

Cunningham told police he did not remember the day's events due to methamphetamine use.

Police also found a straw and a dinner plate with a white powder in Cunningham's bedroom, according to the documents. Preliminary tests indicated the powder was methamphetamine.

Police recommended prosecutors charge Cunningham with two counts of child endangerment, a count of meth possession and domestic battery.

Cunningham did not appear in a Friday morning list of inmates at Natrona County Detention Center.