RIVERTON — School administrators had more good news for the Central Wyoming College Board of Trustees last week.

In a presentation to the board, CWC's academic affairs vice president Kathy Wells shared data that shows students who transfer to the University of Wyoming from CWC perform better than students who transfer to UW from other schools.

In the fall of 2016, she said, the 56 CWC students who transferred to UW earned an average 3.02 first-semester grade-point average.

By comparison, all of UW's 967 transfer students earned an average 2.84 first-semester GPA.

Of those students, the 629 from Wyoming earned a 2.96 first-semester GPA, and the 338 from outside of the state earned an average 2.62 first-semester GPA.

In addition, Wells said, CWC graduates earn better grades than students who go directly to UW: The university's 9,622 first-semester undergraduates earned an average GPA of 2.98 in the fall of 2016.