The Wyoming Republican Party has released the list of delegates who voted Saturday on a failed measure to censure Gov. Matt Mead.

The 30-minute roll call vote at the Wyoming Republican Party 2014 State Convention resulted in 132 delegates for censure and 145 against.

The censure measure criticized Mead’s support of the Common Core education standards and for signing 2013’s Senate File 104, which removed Cindy Hill, the state superintendent of public instruction, from control over the Wyoming Department of Education. On Jan. 28, the Wyoming Supreme Court ruled the law unconstitutional.

Rox Anne Brewer, a delegate from Basin, said the vote doesn’t necessarily represent how each delegate felt. In many cases, delegates voted as the Republicans in their area wanted. Many of the delegates, such as Brewer, also serve as elected precinct committee members.

“We aren’t there just to be lollygaggers,” she said. “In our party we are there to do the work of our party for the people.”

Brewer voted for censure because she was representing Republicans in Basin, she said.

But personally she didn’t like how it was worded.

“I’m really not a mudslinger too much,” she said.

“I agreed with the censure itself, just not the way it was worded,” she added.

Delegate John B. Brown of Lander voted against censure. He doesn’t think Republicans should speak ill of other Republicans.

“That whole convention was a public display of folks’ discontent,” he said. “I certainly didn’t want a censure to make it even worse. I didn’t feel like that was a proper way for folks to let Matt know how they felt. They can certainly write him letters. They can talk to him personally. They can send a letter to the editor speaking on behalf of themselves.”

No one from Niobrara County showed up to the convention.

“They only get two delegates and two alternates because they’re the smallest,” said Bonnie Foster, party secretary.

The Republicans from Niobrara County work in agriculture and had to attend to their cows, which are calving at this time of year, a job that requires around-the-clock attention, Foster said.

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