ARLINGTON - The search continued Monday for a Minnesota hunter who had been missing in Wyoming for six days, as a snowstorm moved into the area.

Charles Gustafson, 72, of Beltrami was last seen Wednesday morning in Carbon County, where he was elk hunting with a cousin and nephew, said Carbon County Sheriff Jerry Colson.

He said the hunters left their camp, located about eight miles south of Arlington in the Medicine Bow National Forest, on Wednesday morning and went in different directions. Gustafson did not return to camp when he was supposed to that evening.

When he failed to return to camp, a hunter in his party fired three shots from his rifle, and heard three shots in return, Colson said.

But Colson said there had been no sign of Gustafson since them.

Gustafson had gotten lost the day before, the sheriff said.

"He went out last Tuesday hunting and got lost and a logger found him and brought him back to his camp," Colson said, adding that the group still went separate ways on Wednesday.

The hunters in the group said Gustafson seemed to be having an orientation problem, possibly due to the altitude, even though he had been in the area before.

Officials have been searching on foot, on horseback, and on ATVs. Officials also have been using tracking dogs and a helicopter from Warren Air Force Base.

Temperatures at night have dipped into the low 30s. Colson said the search by helicopter was halted Monday after a snowstorm moved into the area, but the search on the ground continued.

Between 3 and 5 inches of snow was expected into Monday evening. A winter storm warning was in effect for today, when 10 inches to 14 inches of snow was expected.

But Colson said Gustafson's family told him he served in the Air Force and was an instructor in the art of survival.

The terrain is heavily wooded, and also has steep rocky areas that lead down to a creek. There are also many roads in the area, Colson said.

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