CHEYENNE, Wyo. — A 67-year-old grandmother from Sheridan who doesn’t normally enter games of chance will be the first person to buy a lottery ticket sold in Wyoming next weekend when the state joins the nationwide jackpot frenzy.

“I am not a lottery player at all; this will be the first lottery ticket that I will ever buy,” Mary Ogg said in a telephone interview Monday.

She’s already a winner, beating out more than 27,000 people for the chance to buy the first ticket in the new Wyoming Lottery as well as a new car in the promotional event.

The state begins selling tickets for Powerball and Mega Millions, both nationwide games, at noon Sunday.

“I won’t have to worry about buying anymore for a while,” said Ogg, who also receives a year’s supply of Mega Millions tickets.

She will buy her ticket at a convenience store in Sheridan where she normally buys gas. After Ogg makes her purchase, the rest of the approved outlets around the state will begin selling tickets.

Gov. Matt Mead and Secretary of State Max Maxfield on Monday announced Ogg as the winner of the contest.

She said she hesitated before entering because such contests can be a “pain” with all the unsolicited emails that might follow and because she’s not one who seeks notoriety.

In fact, despite the car and chance to buy the first ticket, she would have preferred to be one of the eight other finalists, who won $1,000 and the Mega Million tickets.

The lottery is expected to net about $6 million a year for Wyoming after expenses and prizes. The first $6 million of proceeds will go to local governments, and anything above that total goes to a state school fund.


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