ROCK SPRINGS — The Bureau of Land Management collared 16 additional mares during the recent horse gathering in the Adobe Town herd management area, meaning the BLM and University of Wyoming now have 30 collared mares for their movement study.

The university is using radio collars to learn more about how wild horses interact with their environment by studying migration patterns and movements in the herd management area.

The BLM and UW began the study last winter. They used bait trapping to first gather the mares before collaring them. Fourteen mares were collared before the effort ended due to unfavorable weather conditions.

Five of the original global positioning system collars placed on mares last winter had to be removed. Three did not transmit a GPS signal, and the other two were removed because they appeared to be too loose, “which could have developed into a problem for the mares,” according to the BLM.