CHEYENNE, Wyo. — The Wyoming Department of Education has set up a website to allow people to track improvement as the state implements new policies.

The department set up a website called Wyoming Measures Up, which parents and students can use to find scholarships, to find out how they can meet goals and other support.

Officials hope the site will help the department increase average accreditation scores, student involvement and online learning enrollment.

Some board of education members were upset because they felt they weren't involved in the process.

The administration said the goal is to try to ensure that 80 percent of Wyoming students are career, college or military ready by 2020.

"These focus areas currently have the baseline — so where we are now in that current area — and then the goal for where we would like to be. And as our teams in these areas go forward with these plans, each one will be updated," said Laurel Shelley-Reuss, senior media specialist for the Department of Education.

Shelley-Reuss said each focus area has a separate team assigned to it, and those teams will update the website with their progress.

The original Wyoming Measures Up website was used by the superintendent to promote the administration's vision for Wyoming, Shelley-Reuss said. Officials are now working on a way for people to provide comments on the plan.