Danielle Egnew


Hello Billings! My name is Danielle Egnew. As a fourth-generation Billings resident who has owned businesses in Billings as well as Los Angeles, California and Tacoma, Washington, I am excited to bring to the table proposals for our growing Magic City that are not only fiscally friendly, yet steeped in the best workable new-thought solutions for larger expanding markets with sensitivity to our local needs.

My campaign message during these polarizing times within our nation is to #LeadWithLove in not only how we conduct city business to further build our community, yet in our daily lives. Without dignity, temperance, synergy with those whom we may differ in opinion yet agree on the bigger picture, and respect for one another, we are indefinitely snared by our differences into paralyzed inaction. With many pressing infrastructure, social, and civic development issues at stake over the next five to ten years, Billings must be supported by a proactive, not a reactive, City Council.

My background in film and TV production has uniquely positioned me with a poignant skillset necessary for taking on outcome-focused, deadline-driven, budget-sensitive mayoral leadership with a decisive and team-oriented action approach. Clear, concise communication with both the public and the City Council is not only a deep plus in my skillset, yet according to our city charter, the key requirement for the office of mayor.

My 25 years in high-paced project coordination and mediation, crew assembly, financial risk assessment, budget design, international marketing, alternative fundraising and media messaging contribute life-tested skills forged in major markets to uplift and embrace the evolution of our city’s fast-paced development. And my work as a pastor here in Billings at Unity Church of Christianity inspires me to hold the city’s heart with compassionate stewardship and grace for all citizens — to do unto others as we would have done unto us — regardless of race, gender identity, political affiliation, sexual orientation, special skills or religion.

With a brimming population of 110,000 people in the Billings city limits alone, our city has great sociological, structural, and fiscal needs. I will enthusiastically tackle this wide list of needs as mayor, including: 1) supporting local small businesses while actively recruiting national tech companies in order to offset the “brain drain” that Billings is experiencing when our millennials leave to follow tech jobs in Bozeman, Portland and Denver; 2) continue the project work I have started via meetings with Public Works and the Zoning office to provide our water plant with green power utilizing green-approved, high-temperature recycled waste incineration and potential tidal turbines in the Yellowstone River, offsetting water plant energy costs thus passing daily savings on to consumers; 3) switch our city buses, which are up for replacement, to C & G (methane) engines in order to utilize the methane produced by the city landfill as fuel, as we already do in large landfill vehicles, thus saving expensive diesel fuel costs and unhealthy emissions; 4) expand bus routes and fund extra staffing by selling private enterprise opportunities to wrap buses in business marketing messages; 5) instituting the “your two cents” program by allowing Billings residents to opt-in on a monthly $1 donation attached to their water bill to go toward the Fire Department, Police Department, public transportation, or public schools, with an opportunity for Billings residents to donate up to $4 monthly. If merely one quarter of Billings' population participates, an additional $25,000 per month would be collected per recipient.

I am honored to place my perspectives before Billings voters for their evaluation — and may we #LeadWithLove!