Hello Billings! My name is Angela Cimmino, and I am so excited to be campaigning for mayor for the city of Billings and share my experience, integrity and commitment. After working 40 years for corporate America, devoting 30 years to public service, and raising a family in Billings, the time is right for me to continue my leadership in our community. Currently completing my eighth year on the Billings City Council, as elected officials, we hold our local government accountable. I have had amazing opportunities working with citizens of all five wards whether it was responding to thousands of emails, returning numerous telephone calls, or participating in countless listening sessions and community conversations.

Our local government will be going through a transitional year as we elect a new mayor, elect and/or re-elect City Council members in all five Wards, and hire a new city administrator. Our fiscal year budget is $338 million with $16 million of unbudgeted reserves. Our city organization is made up of over 900 dedicated employees, hundreds of devoted volunteers, and 30 advisory boards and commissions who work together to make our community vibrant.

As your mayor, my progressive vision for our city of Billings is continued advocacy for public safety, management growth, and economic development. Currently, our Billings Police and Fire Departments are fully staffed with sworn personnel and required equipment. The city is building a new 911 call center for city/county dispatch. We are currently exploring options to build a new building or lease an existing one to house over 55,000 pieces of crime evidence. We are also in the process of assessing the need for additional fire stations to keep up with the demands of growth in our jurisdiction.

Economic development is an important component involving business attraction, industrial growth, home building, transportation infrastructure, and job creation for our young professionals who want to preserve their valuable ties to this family and home community. We must protect and enhance our downtown core as it is the backbone of our community and serves as the economic engine of our region. Our community is a tapestry of diversity that believes in the values of hard work, unstoppable community spirit, and a can-do attitude. We command high-paying jobs with employers who can offer opportunities to our highly skilled workforce and offer young families affordable housing to keep the best and brightest in Billings.

As a historic preservation advocate for downtown Billings, I have supported the multi-million dollar renovation efforts for the Alberta Bair Theater, Babcock Theater, Billings Depot, Moss Mansion, and other historic buildings. Our citizens supported the new Billings Public Library. Along with the City Council, I have authorized the allocation of millions of dollars of tax increment funding district monies to develop and improve residential and commercial properties of the downtown, south, and east areas of Billings.

As managed growth and long-range planning are vital for our community, implementing our Growth Policy, Capital Improvement Plan, and Transportation Plan, we will work together to plan for additional annexations, infrastructure investments, parks/trails, and the orderly development of our city. Those efforts would also include the future expansion of City Hall, Billings Logan International Airport, Wastewater Treatment Plant, Water Plant, Landfill operations, and phase 2 of the Inner Belt Loop.

Together, we will be relentless in this vision with results. I will listen with conviction and encourage all citizens to remain engaged in our community. We live in the last best place and Billings deserves a mayor who loves our community and supports its people. Vote Angela Cimmino for Billings mayor. Together, we are history in the making!