I am writing this letter on behalf of the patrons of Art House Cinema & Pub. Congratulations and continued success in bringing films to our community that without your amazing facility, would not be seen. Not only have you given us the gift of film but you have provided a place for people to come and socialize. Thanks to offering concessions such as beer, wine, soft drinks, candy and the "best popcorn" in the area, you have enabled your customers to "hang out" before and after films. They offer films Wednesday through Sundays and have matinees.

Art House Cinema & Pub also showcase live music, special events and fundraisers and have brought awareness to local and national and global causes. Did I mention that they are a nonprofit organization? Having only opened their doors in March 2015, their growth is impressive. They have gifted $4,000 to artists and organizations, as well as given away event space for other nonprofits and artists. They are truly a friend of our community and need our continued support. Check out their Facebook page and website. Better yet, stop by their location at 109 N. 30th St. and talk to Matt, Aaron, or one of the friendly staff, and pick up a brochure and join.

Right now they are in Phase 2 of development and need the continued support of current patrons as well as new members. Membership is available at many levels and worth it. I have to sign off because I am going to a matinee and hungry for popcorn.

Support this jewel, so that we may continue culturally thriving.

Diane and Ted Kylander

Sheryl McCandless

Daniel Casey

and 12 others