I correctly parrot that water vapor is the major player among the greenhouse gases. You parrot back that carbon dioxide is the thermostat increasing the amount of water vapor and therefore CO2 is the cause of water vapor. I parrot back clouds (caused by water vapor) are the major non-gas contributor to climate change. You parrot back saying variations in clouds are so numerous that we don’t have enough computing power to know exactly how they effect the climate.

Herein lies the whole of the matter. You are “guessing.” I will add, “guessing” is why virtually every prediction you have made has not become reality. 

History shows us carbon dioxide concentrations have been as much as 350 times greater than they are today and life flourished! Four times in the history of our Earth the ice at both poles has melted away. All this proves little more than climate science is unsettled. Decisions should not be based on an unsettled science.

We already have a carbon tax implemented via regulation. The intent of this carbon tax was to propel renewables, and it has. However, the rise in home heating and cooling bills is a burden to our most vulnerable citizens disproportionately hurting those who can least afford it -- our elderly, low wage earners, young adults, the disabled, fixed-income households. This carbon tax has also hit the Montana state tax base very hard.

TJ Smith