Those who thought elections meant something now know they don’t. Whether you like Trump or voted for him or not, he was elected legitimately. He alluded often to the swamp. The swamp has surfaced and is showing its corruption and ugliness. Since January, it seems obvious that Congress is run by two organized crime families — the Democrats and Republicans. They have turned Congress into a crime syndicate. The only use they have for American citizens is to vote for them based on their empty promises to actually do their jobs.

Since January, the Republicans have not kept a single campaign promise such as repealing or fixing Obamacare. Congress is on Obamacare, but unlike American citizens, they kept their plans; they kept their doctors and they are fully subsidized by the American taxpayer who is being crushed under the penalties and burdens of Obamacare.

Trump got elected on two issues in my opinion: ObamaCare and massive immigration. Congress has done nothing on either. Thus far, Congress has engineered a special counsel to find a crime that’s not there, and, passed a veto proof declaration to punish Russia because they cannot accept the outcome of an election and want to blame everyone but themselves.

Since January, they have thrown a sandbox tantrum because they don’t like the bucket and shovel they got. They are trying to undo a legitimate election to keep the swamp going for themselves. Congress is behaving despicably. Their behavior is almost criminal. It is citizen abuse.

Earlene Meyer