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The three officers who had sex with the city employee have committed a great disservice to the citizens of Billings. Police have been respected here and held to a higher standard. We thank them for their service and this is how these three guys repay the citizens — the same citizens who pay their salary.

The court papers say if these officers’ names are released to the public, these men will have a bad reputation — better just the three than the whole department. Court papers also state that no harm was done to the public — the public trust was violated. The public lost trust and respect for the police. Some of us have lost respect for the whole department, from the chief, down.

As far as their families suffering because of their actions — they caused that the minute they unzipped their pants. That’s on them! The woman’s name was made public, so should theirs.

Make an example of the three of them. Fire them and it won’t happen again.

It really makes one wonder about our police department. Employees steal drugs and have sex on public property, right in the police department building. What kind of a police department is Rich St. John running? Shame on the department, from the chief on down.

Sandy Weiss